X-Ray Patient Prep

Preparing for a visit

A valid and completed requisition form, signed and dated by your healthcare provider and a valid services card with full name and date of birth is essential for your visit to ensure integrity and accuracy.

If exam(s) are not eligible for coverage under MSP, we accept cash or credit card.

Patient preparation for X-Ray

No special preparation is required

For your own comfort, it is recommended that you wear loose clothing or outfits that are easily removed. For example, elastic waists or loose clothing may allow you to move it aside rather than removing the garment. Plain t-shirts are generally easier to move or slip in and out of. Wide pant legs or shorts are recommended if you are having a lower extremity x-ray. Layered clothing is suitable if you are having an upper extremity x-ray. Zippers, metal or jewelry will have to be removed, if possible, if covering the region of interest.