Focus on Your Patients.
Practice in Teams.

Seymour Health is Hiring!

Come work in a collegial team-based environment with administrative support that allows you to focus on patient care.

We currently offer positions for Family Doctors (longitudinal and urgent care) and Specialists.

Practice what you love, we handle the rest.

We simplify your work by providing all the infrastructure and handling the overhead of Billing, MOAs, Administration support, IT support, state-of-the art software and facilities. Come join our team and practice in an innovative model that supports you as a person and as a doctor.

We Are Hiring:

General Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners



Our Values:

Compassionate care for all

We compassionately care for all patients and team members.

Lifelong Learners

We are always learning and iteratively improving with an attitude of confident humility.

Better Outcomes for Patients and Providers

We strive for better results:  accessible, timely, comprehensive, coordinated, efficient, and compassionate care.

Great Place to Work

We create, together, a great place to work.  A safe and inclusive environment that promotes, resiliency.  We embrace interprofessional and interdisciplinary team collaboration, avoiding hierarchies and false dichotomies.
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